Cartoon Quiz answers and cheats to every level of cartoon trivia game for iOS and Android. Even though Cartoon Quiz was released almost a year ago by developer, Sami Chaudry, it is only trending now. But we’re glad it is! This fun game puts your cartoon knowledge to the test. You are given an image of a famous cartoon character and the number of words. Using your amazing television and comic book knowledge, you’ll have to guess the name of the cartoon.

Cartoon Quiz Levels:

Cartoon Quiz level 1
Level 1
Cartoon Quiz level 2
Level 2
Cartoon Quiz level 3
Level 3
Cartoon Quiz level 4
Level 4
Cartoon Quiz level 5
Level 5
Cartoon Quiz level 6
Level 6
Cartoon Quiz level 7
Level 7
Cartoon Quiz level 8
Level 8
Cartoon Quiz level 9
Level 9
Cartoon Quiz level 10
Level 10

There are ten levels of this game with 40 cartoon characters each. This means there are over 400 cartoon characters you’ll need to guess! They range from video game characters, like Sonic the Hedgehog to Disney characters like Scooby Doo to old school Nickelodeon cartoons. And don’t forget about Cartoon Network or Adult Swim! And now you can test your animated expertise with this game available on all smart phone devices.
But even if you think you are a champion at identifying cartoon characters, Cartoon Quiz! is ready for you. The developers of this game dug deep into the trenches of different characters, sometimes pulling out those old school characters, those sidekicks you might have forgotten and more.

Cartoon Quiz takes cartoons from every source you can imagine—books, TV shows, movies—and from different eras. You might need to call up your dad to figure out which character from The Jetsons you are being shown! And if you’re like us and you always forget which Ninja Turtle is which, then you might just need Cartoon Quiz answers for some help. Rather than having to sit through long YouTube video walkthroughs or having to google every word combination available, Cartoon Quiz answers has everything you need and it’s all built out with you in mind.

We’re the only site out there with not only all the answers but we have the pictures too. Use our search feature to put in keywords or even the show or movie the cartoon was in. With a little help, you’ll be able to beat any level of this epic game in no time.

What makes this game even more challenging is that sometimes they want the full name of the character! Not just Homer from the Simpsons but Homer Simpson or Sonic the Hedgehog instead of Sonic. Cartoon Quiz is full of different characters that will remind you of your childhood, those cartoons you loved watching with your friends and all the shows in your Netflix queue.

The app has many built-in features to help you beat any level of the game you get stuck on! You can ask your friends on Facebook or on twitter for help. You can also earn 10 coins for sharing your love of the game on Twitter or on Facebook.

If you get stuck on Cartoon Quiz, you can reveal a hint (like the number of letters in the puzzle) for 10 coins or you can solve a question for 200 coins. However, you only earn 10 coins for every five answers (each individual correct answer earns you no coins, only in bundles of five correct answers). This means that it is even harder than usual to earn coins to buy hints or skip a level. You can also buy 500 coins for just $0.99 but why bother using your hard earned money when all the Cartoon Quiz answers are here, for free!

Cartoon Quiz Answers has the answers and cheats to every single answer of this addictive and fun game. Use our search feature with keywords to find exactly the puzzle you are stuck on!

This game is for Android and all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.